We are so excited that you have decided to make a commitment to give one hour a week to Our Lord. I can promise you, He will not be out done in generosity!


The Chapel of Divine Mercy is open with exposition around the clock from 4:00 PM of Sunday to 4:00PM on Saturday. It is our hope and prayer that we will soon be able to attract committed adorers for those last twenty-four hours so that our commitment and adoration to Our Lord will become truly perpetual.


In deciding on an hour to commit to  consider the four factors below:

How to Choose Your Hour


1. Choose an hour that you have no or few other commitments.

You will want to be able to follow through with your commitment.


2. Choose an hour that needs an adorer.

Open hours are listed below. Filling one of these can be a great help to the overall health

of the chapel.


3. Look for hours that have only one scheduled adorer.

Although these hours are covered, the scheduled adorer has no backup, no partner to rely on. Having a second adorer makes it easier for everyone.


4. Choose an hour where there is a need, even if it means a sacrifice.

Late night and earlier morning hours, although difficult can be some of the most spiritually rewarding times spent in the chapel.


Open Hours

 Monday 9AM - Wednesday 1AM - Friday 6PM - Saturday 4AM, 1PM & 2PM

Being a Sub


Seriously consider signing up as a substitute. It is a wonderful opportunity to help others. An act of charity towards your fellow adorers. Sub requests are made through group email and there is no pressure to accept. When a request comes in simply tap “accept.”  After you make your first request and you feel the relief when its picked up, you will want to do the same for someone else.




Below is the link to our adoration scheduler. Look over the schedule and when you find the hour you have chosen tap the “Sign-up” link. Once you sign-up a volunteer from the Chapel will contact you to assist you in getting started.

Chapel of Divine Mercy

Sponsored by St. Peter’s Catholic Church

New Iberia, Louisiana

108 East St. Peter Street


Coordinator: Philip de Mahy



“The future belongs to those who worship God in silence,”  - St. Pope John Paul II

Church Parishes of Our Adorer's

Nativity of Our Lady

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Our Lady of Prompt Succor

Sacred Heart of Jesus

St. Edward

St. Marcellus

St. Peter’s